Why Is Betfred Called The Bonus King?

English: Done Bookmakers - The Bonus King. Bet...

English: Done Bookmakers – The Bonus King. Betting Shop (with disabled access) in the Old Courts area of Brigg, North Lincolnshire. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Betfred is a chain of bookmakers originally founded in Manchester by Fred Done. The brand was formerly known as Done Bookmakers but rebranded to Betfred before it launched its online operation based in Gibraltar.

Betfred is commonly referred to in betting circles as “The Bonus King” – but where did this name originate and what is the reason behind it?

In fact, the name was originally coined as a marketing slogan by Betfred themselves, before being adopted as a nickname by tipsters and punters in the betting industry.

It refers to the company’s tendency to furnish their customers with regular promotions and bonuses to, in theory, encourage regular betting activity and repeat custom. However, industry analysts reveal that in fact there are many other bookies that offer far more free bets and promotions to their customers. You can verify for yourself just by checking bonus lists like this one. Which means that, like many self appointed nicknames, the facts don’t necessarily back up the claims.

No doubt whoever dreamed up that particular marketing phrase is feeling extremely pleased with themselves!

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