The No.1 ASIA Billiards Exhibition?

The 12th China (Guangzhou) International Billiards Exhibition (GBE2018) is the largest exhibition for Billiards in Asia, GBE owns numerous loyal visitors worldwide and over 100 professional media partners helping us promote the show globally. It is estimated that visitors of more than 15,000 person-times from over 100 countries and regions will set foot in the exhibition hall.

Exhibitors’ new products yielding good response: Exhibitors’ latest products did not only captivate visitors with their novelty but also utility. After offering free trial of their latest products to on-site buyers, professional players and billiards enthusiasts, most our exhibitors enthused that they had receive many positive feedback and response from visitors, as well as hundreds of inquiries from potentials clients. Again, GBE proved itself to be a wonderful platform for new product release.

Exhibition Scope
Billiards Products: Billiards Tables, Cues, Billiards Slate, Billiards Cloth, Balls, Cue Cases, Chalk, Gloves, Billiards Lights, Billiards prokets, Cue Tips, Scoreboard, Tripod, Accessories, hardware fittings for billiard table. Others: Darts, Darts Board, Shuffleboard, Games and Amusement products.

Target Visitor
Agents, distributors, dealers, importer, exporters, manufacturers, wholesalers at home and abroad. Large billiards clubs, recreation centers, fitness clubs. Persons in charge of upscale clubs, starred hotels, hotel purchasing, investment management companies. Government departments, schools, trade organizations, associations, media, enthusiasts.

Review of GBE 2017
Exhibition Floor: 9000 sq.m. Visitors: 12,000 person-times (85% were professional buyers; 15% were relevant field buyers; 65% placed orders on site; 73% were from upper or middle management). Exhibitors:103.

Why GBE2018
Satisfied exhibitors raved about the show
82% rated the show better than the last edition
87% made valuable new contacts
91% thought GBE 2017 worth attending

Here are some of the good news shared by our exhibitors on site.

  • Cyclop: we sold over 3000 sets of billiards balls to distributors from Beijing, Korea, etc, in just two days!
  • Super Power: we received dozens of orders from oversea buyers on site, successfully expanding our international market!
  • Guangdong Denglong Guangdian: we reached a sponsorship agreement with International Billiards & Snooker Federation (IBSF), becoming the table lights supplier of all IBSF billiards events!

It is the best platform to expand your business horizon,branding your products,make your company’s presence felt in the industry,spread awareness about your products,meet top clients in the industry,generate new business and so on. If you want to be an exhibitor to show your newest products, do not hesitate to join us! Pls contact Ms.Amy Lai at to get the best price and preferable booth. If you are interested to be a visitor, pls contact Ms.Amy Lai to receive your free E-ticket for the 3-day show.

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